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Initial Public Offering

An IPO is an Initial Public Offering. This is the process by which a company lists itself on the exchange. A specified percentage of the company's shares are offered to the general public at par value. In some cases, a premium is added to the par value (usually Rs10.00).


IPO or Initial Public Offer presents good opportunities for netting high returns on your investments in a relatively short period of time - if you invest early. Investors who would otherwise restrict themselves from trading in secondary markets because of the volatility and risk - rewards attached with it, the IPO market has now become an avenue to such investors to invest in equities and reap benefits out of it.

IPO or 'New Issues' is it is better known, are a source of great enthusiasm and excitement among investors across the country. Get information on IPO news, Forthcoming IPO’s and a lot more from any of our locations spread across the country. Receive personal attention by approaching any of our business associates to start a relationship with us. Our business partners are spread across various locations in Pakistan offering a gamut of service to investors both in the primary and secondary markets. For investing in IPO's application forms is made available at all our locations. You can collect application forms directly.

Our IPO Team does rigorous analysis on the quality of new issue, the company's track record and its business plans. More importantly, it critically evaluates the pricing of the issue and its friendliness.

We also provide several services relevant to the IPO market to investors. These are as under:

  • As a corporate member we offer services of IPO forms at Karachi and several other locations in Pakistan through our branches or business partners.
  • Research Reports on IPO.
  • IPO News.

Current IPO

Company Issue Type Open Date Close Date Offer Price List Price Download IPO Form
Ittefaq Steels Initial Public Offering 5/23/2017 5/24/2017 30.20 10.00 PDF Document Here